Saturday, February 22, 2020

Product Launch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Product Launch - Essay Example American Goods Wholesale Club (AGW) is a service provider and also carries actual products. Our company will tap into the market of patriotic American consumers whiles promoting products that already exist for both local consumption and export. AGW Club will provide a platform for manufacturers to display and promote their products while servicing its members with their needs. Manufacturers determine their prices but will be at a discounted rate compared to how much they will sell it to other retailers. Product owners will be paid when the product is sold. The marketing mix offers a very competitive pricing for AGW Club members, a solid medium for manufacturers and very low to no inventory cost for the company. AGW Club is situated in Virginia, United States of America. The club has also planned to expand the company in other states in the future with enhanced growth and prosperity. Moreover, the club also has an online store for providing services to members of the club across Ameri ca in a more efficient manner. Product Description AGW Club also facilitates in promoting products manufactured in America and in marketing those products to its members. Moreover, AGW Club acts as a medium for manufactures and the products are offered to the members of the club in accordance with their requirements and preferences. The products are procured from manufacturers at a discounted rate in comparison to price determined by manufacturers for offering those goods to local retailers. Contextually, it has been aimed to conduct a product launch in the emerging market of China with the motive of improving the international market exposure of made-in-America products and to enhance profitability of the club. The developing economy in China will assist the club in performing its business operations in an effective manner. Product Positioning Product positioning is the strategy of offering the products to customers in the market segments in an appropriate manner. The American Good s Wholesale Club (AGW) is required to determine the appropriate market segments where the products of the club will be mostly in demand as well as will be consumed in the market of China. The product positioning strategy will also enable the club to provide their products in the market successfully. The products which are to be provided in the market of China should be differentiated from products which are offered by competitors. The club should provide quality products which are mostly in demand by Chinese consumers due to the changes in buying behavior primarily owing to the developing economy of China as well as due to the advancement of technology. Moreover, the club is required to follow a differentiation strategy with the motive of meeting the requirements of Chinese markets as well as to perform business operations in a competitive manner. The differentiation strategy will enable the products of the club to be differentiated form the competitors as along with facilitating it to obtain loyalty of consumers. Contextually, distinct product features and unique selling proposition of the offerings need to be identified by the club in order to highlight that distinctiveness appropriately. The positioning strategy of the club needs to be maintained thoroughly and it needs to be ascertained that positioning of the

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Govenance,Reporting and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Govenance,Reporting and Ethics - Essay Example However, a company should not pay more than required for this case but the remunerations should commensurate with individual performance (Bebchuk & Roe, 1999). The committee for remuneration should also judge where to place their Company in relation to other companies. However, these comparisons should be made wisely such that remuneration levels correspond with performance improvement. According to the Combined Code address on accountability and auditing, the company's board should be able to show a balanced as well as an assessment that can be understood in order to determine the position and prospects of the company. This can simply be termed as financial reporting. The code provides that the directors in an annual report should explain their responsibility of Code Provisions The directors should explain in the annual report their responsibilities for account preparation and there should also be auditor's statements concerning their reporting responsibilities. The main roles and responsibilities of the committee for auditing include: It also recommends that, all directors including the non-executive directors should be re-elected at regular intervals by the shareholders. This contributes to continued improved and satisfactory performance. Th The code requires that a company should produce disclosure statements and also report on how they apply the principle of management and governance (La Porta et al. 2000). Companies should be free to explain the governance policies that they as well as any circumstances that have led them to employing a particular approach. The company has also to confirm that it adheres to the provisions of the Combined Code and if it does not, then it is liable to giving an explanation as to why it cannot comply. This is referred to as "comply or explain" approach and has been in existence for long whereby it is widely accepted by the investors as well as company boards. The people who are concerned with governance evaluation should do this with an aim of promoting partnership as well as trust in the company. They should consider company's nature of risks as well as the challenges that it faces. They should also consider the size as well as the complexity of the company. ISSUE 1. Non-executive directors and Independence. Non-executive directors play a very key role and are believed to be very effective in the building of good corporate governance structures. The chairman has the capability of holding meetings with non-executive directors even in the absence of executives. The non-executive directors also meet annually under the leadership of the senior independent director but in the absence of the chairman to give an appraisal on the performance of the chairman.The non-executive directors are usually provided with professional advice at the expense of the company whereby they consider it important to discharge